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cal osha is not the final discussion that they passed down and so i don't think that it is admissible at this point because it is not their final decision. secondly it talks about the work of the civilian employee and he was not, he was released from the hospital that day, a worker was hurt, a branch fell on a work and her gave him a contusion and a shoulder. but he was admitted and released on the same day. and again, when the cal osha final decision did come out, it clearly stated that arborwell was not a accident and, we were not responsible and it was deemed an unfortunate accident. the part with the training, again, there was not an accident, cal osha did investigate but they did not practice for any housekeeping issues of failing to train these people in a correct and orderly manner they didn't because it was not there and they are keen and looking for that and looking at a company and they want to see that you have done everything possible to equip and to train them to not have what happened happen. lastly the pictures that he has shown, he takes a lot of pictures and he has ta
improvements aren't funded and this will provide funding to complete those. and then with cal train and bart and regional connection, we have a responsibility to provide a local match to the cal tran program and the provide some additional funds to bart to address some of the over crowding and capacity. so this is a collapsed version, if you will of the current recommendations that are not final and we're addressing it among stake holders. 3030 shows the $3 billion that will be available. if the projected taxes and go bonds are approved by the voters, that will bring us to 70 percent of funding on that need. and we've divided those into core system and investments and enhancement, and expansions. and the vast majority is in core and enhance. so the revenue, what the task force wanted to do is to lack at all revenue options that we know of or potentially available and we have identified three basic, large potential revenue sources. two is two $500 go revenue and that can be used to improve or enhance property, so it doesn't include rolling stock so the big program to replace the vehicl
are cal tran workers and contractors. there is a silver nissan here in the bushes and on the ground ha body lays of a construction worker. there is a vehicle responsible for hitting the two construction workers. let's go to video we took earlier today at 2:40 this morning. the chp was called to this accident scene. two contractors for cal trans was moving a road work sign that alerts drivers when a silver nissan slammed into them. one of the construction workers died the other suffered minor injuries. the driver of the nissan was trapped and he had to be extricated. >> we are not sure if alcohol played a role in the occasion. he was coherent at the time but was transported with life threatening injuries. >> reporter: these construction workers were here on the right shoulder next to their work truck doing emergency repair work on a dip in the roadway just north of scott creek road exit. they were scheduled to be here until 6:00 a.m.. now all of that has changed because of this accident. there are contractors from the construction company that these workers who showed up here at the sce
if not second to the cal trans downtown extension and that's not on here and i guess because there's no one advocating for these types of projects on this body, on this committee, on the mayor's transportation task force. also i think we can do a better job of publicizing this. i can get my constituents and contribute in the discussion that's happening for these -- for these major projects. love for you to bring back to your committee the t-line as an additional -- a project added to the future funds. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner campos. >> thank you mr. chairman and i'll be brief. thank you for your work. the fact that we have a transportation task force is exciting and it's a wonderful thing that we're doing this. i'm looking at it from the perspective of how do we collectively come together to get something that is going to be successful if we take something to the ballot, some of the proposals you're talking about are proposals that we acquired. 2/3 of the san francisco voters so we want to get as many people on board as we can which is one of the reasons why i raised
. unbelievably well. >> two frightening encounters. what cal ripken is saying about his mother vi. i'm jessica cartal yeah the story on -- kartalija, the story on wjz. >>> thousands of workers information stolen. details on the breach. and if anyone was at risk. >>> at the harford county community college. i'm mike schuh. the parents who lost their daughter to a texting and driving accident, helped to change maryland law. why they're now turn their attention to help this community college. when eyewitness news returns. >> and here's today's report from wall street. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,, >>> 5:30. 71 degrees and mostly sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. police say a man stole the personal information of thousands of baltimore county workers. wjz is live. linh bui explains how he accessed that sensitive data. hi, linh. >> hey, kai. police have not yet identified the suspect. but we do know he worked for a contractor, hired by the county. >> reporter: the men worked on computers in baltimor
was at risk. >> she's doing miraculously well. unbelievably well. >>> two frightening encounters. what cal ripken is sa,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 6:30. 69 degrees and clear for central maryland now. good evening, thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. updating the breaking news out of l.a. airport. a gunman opens fire inside a terminal. a tsa agent killed. several others injured. kyung lah is in los angeles airport, with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the investigation is still ongoing here at los angeles international airport. police at this point are saying they believe the suspect is a 23-year-old man. one of the biggest questions is how he managed to get an assault rifle into one of the world's busiest airports. federal law enforcement looking into the possibility that this gunman was targeting tsa personnel. that is based off of eyewitness reports, saying that the gunman asked, hey, are you tsa? when people replied no, he would move on. the federal officials are conif i recalling to us that this is the first tsa employe
a construction worker was hit. two cal tran workers were removing a sign when they were hit by a driver of a nissan. one of the workers died. the other has minor injuries. the driver of the nissan had to be extricated and has life threatening injuries. >> we are not sure if alcohol played a role in the collision. he was coherent at the time he was extricated from the vehicle. >> ktvu janine de la vega has been live at the scene since 4:30. she will have a report coming up in our next half hour. >>> i want to go to live pictures now. westbound as you can see at the toll plaza. we still have not had the metering lights turned on and you can tell because people are just kind of coming up and the metering lights or the toll plaza is not getting filled in. when that happens we'll let you know. still a pretty decent drive. san mateo bridge the same thing goes. traffic is still moving along pretty nicely over to the peninsula as you drive over to 101. as we look at a big view of the south bay, no major crashes that are reported anywhere. let's go back to the desk. >>> all right. we go back to
on the bay area bike sharing program hope that cal train and get down to san calory that brings you to the door of levy stadium. don't talk about we lost the sting this is what we do to support our 9ers but that's why i was a big supporter of muni. ed is in the audience. it's going to challenge us but i want the generation of kids to understand and enjoy riding the muni. my kids said dad you don't need to drive me i'm going to take muni. we need more and more reinvesting and investing in our transportation san now this cultivation is for the whole bay area as we talk about electric first degree the area. i need it i don't have any more room to expand for airports and we're losing out on international flights and the only way i can get for room at the airport is if i get the commute removed for 1/3rd of our flights so we can have china and open up to the rest of african >> if you're joining us we're talking about climate and we have guests ed lee and others. bruce cats you write it cities are the economic engines they can fix our broken politics i haven't heard how they can fix our
graduate from cal state with a b f degree in finance. right after i grate i've been a full-time realtor and i've focused on san francisco for real estate. and joining a couple of the local firms including firm tran and johnny is my coworker. and after that so i had an opportunity to open my own broeshlg firm and now i have another brokerage firm opened. under 1 hundred percent of ownership. i have experience from ail those years from the economy going up and down and also i also managing more than almost thirty units including condominiums and commercial throughout the city. also focusing in financial district all the condos all the ones downtown and including the listening no one towers and also i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to represent the investors to purchase two development sites in san francisco. one is in pacific you heights the lubrication reduce - we're getting the building permits and it's broken ground in 2 to 3 months arrest also, we have another one coming up in selma the united states about 60 to 70 units it's a condo project and we're going in the process of ob
as a cal and italian chef, and of course, with coqueta he has ventured into spanish foods and recommended in 2003 as chef of the year nationwide and so it is a high honor by esquire magazine. in addition, they named coqueta as one of the top 20 new restaurants in the entire nation. there were four restaurant, counting coqueta that were located in california that made the list and so it is a big honor and one that we are proud of. so if you have not been there, we urge you to do so, but make a reservation, well in advance. next i wanted to mention on behalf of mayor ed lee that the affordable care act open enrollment period is under way, he has asked all of the city departments to help to put the word out to the public that the open enrollment is occurring now. the city has set up their own website to help people understand the difference between the affordable care act and healthy san francisco. the website is called health reform, or you can go to coverage for information. the new healthcare options take effect on january first, 2014, so it is very important that everyo
of the toll bridge program oversight committee and my committee colleagues, and the director of cal transand the executive director of the california transportation commission, it is my great pleasure to welcome you at long last, to the opening ceremonies for the new east band of the san francisco oakland bay bridge. that is an applause line. [ applause ] >> i know that you joined me in thanking the oakland institute color guard and the choir, and their wonderful presentation and our ceremonies. [ applause ] >> and i guess that i will not ask you if it is hot enough. and it certainly is, so do please, keep cool and gentleman take off your jackets if you need to and keep the water going and keep an eye on your neighbor. and i'm going to ask you to rise again and that might create more air to hear our invocation from the reverend jay junior, from the oakland baptist church. >> let us pray. oh, lord our god thou who art the architect, engineer and creator of the universe, we have gathered on this historic occasion in a spirit of joy and celebration. oh, god we give thanks for the generosity of
and the regional capacity of bart and cal tran and others and bicyclist and pedestrian safety. so with this to streets and the quality of the streets it's measured by something called pci which stands for pavement condition index. as you know we have bonds that are currently used to improve the condition of the streets and if -- those bonds funds will expire over the next year or so. the existing -- the average tci score, that is optimal or in fair condition has a rating of 70. in ten years unless additional money is found for street repaving, our pci score will go down to a level of 56 and as you can tell on this chart 56 is in an area where it takes much mormony to repair those streets than would be necessary in it was done sooner. transit crowding, the mta has provided information as to which lines are currently over crowded and are over capacity and these two charts shows that over the next 25 years or so, many of these existing lines are going to be over crowding many more than we currently have. the fleet of good repair, it's -- we are not replacing and overhauling our
question it's understood that the cal pacific hospital has applied for a lot of money to build a replacement hospital because it's seismically unsafe. if we had a big earthquake today in san francisco, the capacity. >> there are three questions. >> my third question, where would the emergency u.s. navy ship, a floating hospital ship dock in all the piers were given up along the waterfront? >> so i do have them here. >> and i'm giving all of these to you and there is a history in san francisco, where there are a lot of political appointees to igsignificant things like emergency response and i would hate to see that done again. >> thank you, mr. hanson. >> my question is what is san francisco doing? >> thank you very much for being here. i will make a commitment in public to meet with you offline to make sure that i have the information just the way you wanted it to be presented and question have staff go over it. we appreciate your time today. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed and madame secretary will you read the items to go over in las
getting $45 a month from the nation's food stamp program in california called calfresh and it's seeing a 5% cut. >> do i have to tell my 13-year- old, sorry, holdof on that peanut butter jelly sandwich? we have to make that loaf of bread last? you don't want to say that. >> reporter: a family of three will lose up to $29 a month for others the loss could range from $11 to $36 for a family of four. many of them will now be relying on local food banks. >> this couldn't half at a worse time. these are happening on november 1 right at the beginning of the holiday season where families struggle more. >> reporter: it could be more difficult. the house just passed a bill to cut $4 billion each year for the next 10 years. and the senate passed a similar bill. so either way, more cuts are coming as soon as next year. in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> these cuts will affect about 47 million people. >>> it's friday. >> we are ready for the weekend. >> we were outside today in chinatown checking it out. just a beautiful day to enjoy the nice fall weather outside looking like a spectacular day
-- the tunnel quickly filled with smoke so we coordinated with cal trans and had the ventilation fans and had the air blown there, because the people were evacuating and leaving their cars and walking out, we wanted to make sure they had no smoke inhalation and do that. >> you said there was eight but the number changed a little. >> we had 7 people transported as a precautionary measure, some were children so with wanted to make sure they didn't have serious smoke issues. >> where do things stand right now. >> they have opened that tunnel, they noticed a wire hanging there so they are checking to see what the wire is. >> thank you so much for talking to us and joining us right there, as i said you can see that, i was told there was 8 but one person decided not to go to the hospital, they were checked out for smoke inhalation, we will stay on top of that, there were people unset but things are running smoothly and things are safe, paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. >> want to show you the conditions now, you can see red there in both directions on highway 24 heading west toward the caldecott a
in his statement i think is pretty cal of what you would expect. -- pretty typical of what you would expect. the italian press is pretty rumor fed. you can't place any confidence in what it says normally. but in this case, we know that all the major world powers spy on all the other major world powers all the time. i don't think the report is particularly endowed. i would assume na that the -- that the n.s.a. is spying on every country like. >> i mean, what do you really make of that response? >> i think the difference is because of what the vatican is. if you're a normal country like germany or england or france, you know the u.s. is spying on you. but when that comes to the attention of the press you want to act outraged to reassure your population that you're taking steps to deal with the problem. on the other hand, the holy sea is not a normal nation. it's not concerned with national politicking the way france or germany or england would be. instead the message is to relay the message of jesus christ to the world. >> we've long heard his rail against income inequality. why do you
to a couple of things, one was that the week that we had the staff at cal bell training and the fact that we were integrating the new inspecters into their assignments which is just it took a while to do that. and as of yesterday, they are now all in their new district and they have their assigned supervisor and they are out there writing notices as we speak. however, because we look at our numbers, historically, we have always looked at these numbers on a weekly basis and e-mail went out to the housing division about a week ago so that they could see these numbers and understand that they need to be able to get and when they do the work to get the information into the system within the performance time frames, otherwise they have done the work and it does not reflect, so you can see from a number of complaints, that we have received, in our responses. that we are, or from 404 to 372, that the difference there is, that at least ten of those cases are illegal unit and anonymous complaints where we have not been able to get access and a couple of others were delayed entries and it is a hectic
. the project will serve local and inter city local buses and anchor the downtown extension of cal train and high speed rail once it's fully built. it's an expensive and complex project and not without challenges like filling up the gap. i know that commissioner kim as chair and the tj board are going through the phases of the project and we're working on a strategy to close the phase 1 funding short fall. this project funding contributions reflect the significance of the project from the medical state and regional level. about 39 percent is from the federal state and 21 from the regional and the remaining 40 san francisco and to be determined sources. looking ahead toward phase 2, i like to work with tjta and the mayor's office to better its project as it is not and should not be considered a san francisco financial lift. the current funding plan which is still under development and requires advocate, it shows the federal state contribution of 52 percent and local shares of 12 percent and 30 percent respectfully. finally in october i met with ben, the executive director of the manage
and construction signs are up for a reason. to help protect the workers. >> cal tran workers and construction workers working on the side of the freeway, they're putting their lives on the line on a daily basis, so we need motorists to slow ññdown, be smart, don't drink and drive, and try bjws take care of those that take care of us by maintaining our roadways. >> reporter: investigators remained at the scene for more than six hours piecing together what led to the fatal tragedy. once the driver was able to leave the hospital, then he will be transferred over to jail and booked. i'm damian trejjedo. zifshgs stilly./ to come, a southern california town says a factory is too hot to handle, but does a judge agree? Ñ announcement and what that t means for the future of the hot sauce. >>> meebl, it's the warmest day of the week. widespread 60s out there for now, but we do have major changes headed our way for daylight-saving weekend. don't forget to set that xlok clock back one hour on sunday night at 2:00 a.m. your full forecast, including a wind event coming up. >>> welcome back. a health sca
movie to go watch. >> for the viewers who won't get the joke there, there was a hilarious satire cal site which had you going to see "gravity" and storming out, being removed by security guards screaming that isn't right. what's the matter with you? very accusing. i shou i interviewed mark kelly. he was critical of it. he said if you get into the details, i've heard other top scientists saying that. should we be doing that with the movie olympic "gravity" or the fact it inspires people to once to be in space does- >> i was inspired by "2001 space odyssey" it was really inspiring for me. i wasn't inspired because it was a training film for what i was going to do as an astronaut. it was just something that stretched my mind and showed me maybe a perspective i hadn't seen. i agree with mark and all the experts. of course "gravity" is not an astronaut training film. it's not supposed to be. no one goes to "x men" or "spider-man" and says that couldn't happen. it was an inspiring film and the visuals are really compelling. if it inspires some kid to say i'd like to go see that myself miss
against the other team from so cal, the clippers. seth curry only 10 points, didn't have to score, clay thompson was lighting it up against the a depleted lakers squad that looked like a d-league team. play went off for a career high 38. >> there's no secret that clay thompson is phenomenal shooter. and i don't think enough credit is given to them. and he is a heck of a basketball player. not only did he shoot the lights out, but he defended. >> you know, when he is feeling it, getting good shots, so, ride that wave as long as you can and that's pretty awesome. >>> it is a two-man race on the champions tour, kenny perry and bernhard langer, the only two that can win the charles schwab cup championship, comes down to this final tournament at tpc harding park in san francisco. seen on the right here, just needs to finish in the top five to win the schwab and the million bucks that comes with t here is perry, tied for 8 at three under. the pressure on langer needs to win, perry tied for fifth or worse, this is a fantastic putt on 13, langer, 4 under 67, tied for fifth. four back of the lea
.s. you can imagine what a lojest cal nightmare this has back. live from los angeles internationalarity, i'm teri okita, back to you. >> hundreds witnessed the gun battle inside l.a.x. complete coverage continues with vic in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: as you can imagine, it was a terrifying scene for the hundreds of people in terminal 3. here's a live look at the scene right now. this is outside terminal 3, where the investigation continues. you see a number of ambulances are lined up there, in case they were ever needed. the gunman pulled out the assault rifle and began opening fire. one man describes exactly what he saw. >> there was a guy downstairs, started shooting. and one guy fell down. panic erupted and he was heading up through the security shack. >> so you were standing in line and you saw the man open fire? describe what happened. >> just three loud pops. and everybody started panicking. >> reporter: that man said as soon as heheard are the first gunshot, he hit the ground and security ran through the airport. >> wjz now has the latest on the shooting at l.a.x. one tsa
for a text cal team to engage him. -- a tactical team to engage him. >> they engaged him in gunfire in terminal 3 and were able to successfully take him into custody. >> the police chief in ciancia's hometown says that ciancia texted one of his siblings today that he was considering suicide. ciancia is from pensville, new york, the other side of the delaware memorial bridge. the police chief called the lapd and ciancia's roommates apparently told the cops he was fine, then this shooting at l.a.x. >> obvioly
's check in with martha mccal lum. >> good morning. the governor's race in virginia is starting to tighten up. ken cuccinelli is our guest. and new revelations on benghazi. trey buddy joins us this morning as well. so six, that's the number of people who signed up for obamacare on day one. why does the president not seem worried? great panel on what may be behind that. we'll see you at the top of the hour right here ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> over 26 million sold and now on broadway, il divo is back and performing tonight from their new album "a musical affair." take it away. go for it. ♪ ♪ tonight, to
simple cal to 1-800-848-1000 and he she was approved for financing at liberty ford. you can be approved here, too. >> jerry springer here. every day i talk to people with problems. if you have problems buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, don't call me. call the folks at liberty ford. liberty ford is the place for instant automotive credit. at liberty ford, you will get $5,000 guaranteed for your trade. plus, liberty for life savings, all free for life. got a problem getting a vehicle in call liberty ford randallstown now. >> excuse me, sir. what brought you here to liberty ford? >> the savings, of course. i shopped many other dealers around the beltway. dealer after dealer kept telling me i was upside down, i owed more than the car was worth. i got here, liberty ford paid you have my trade in full, even though i owed a lot, and put me in a new ford for less than i was paying. don't make one more payment on a car you hate. tell them to give you the same deal they gave birdie, and you will be very happy, believe you me. >> i encourage u o think big, big as in $95 million to lend, big as in
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)